Session Locations & Ideas

The following locations are a few of my favorite locations to shoot. If you have a location or idea in mind already, please let me know! I LOVE visiting new spots and scouting new locations, and I'm happy to travel outside of Grand Rapids and even out of state, as long as we plan it out in advance! 

I've been hiking, boating, bowling, kite-flying, dog-walking, apple-picking, grabbed coffee, gotten ice cream, had paint wars, snow fights, bonfires, visited county fairs, and even stayed up until 3 am so we could shoot a session under a meteor shower! We can really do anything or go anywhere you want!

If you'd like more photos or information on the below locations, just let me know. :) 

The following locations are all public locations. I also have access to private beach cottages and private barns if you'd like a more intimate location. 


Eastmanville Farm

A gorgeous red barn located near Coopersville. Surrounded by fields, forest, dirt roads, and rustic fencing.

Nearby locations: Eastmanville Bayou and Coopersville Train-yard.


Eastmanville Bayou


A beautiful flower field off the Grand River. Blooms in August. 

Nearby locations: Eastmanville Farm and Coopersville Train-yard.


Crockery Creek Barns


Rustic barns near Crockery Creek. Wildflowers, golden, fields and forest trails.


Coopersville Train-yard


The train-yard in downtown Coopersville. Tons of rust, color, and brick walls.

NOTE: While this is an awesome location, if you choose it, I cannot make any guarantees about how long or how close we will get to shoot near the trains or railroad tracks. They have strict policies in place concerning photography and while I have gained permission to shoot on the premises, if we are asked to leave or not allowed near the trains because of an event, I have to respect that.  I also will not shoot on the railroad tracks on Saturdays or Wednesdays as these are the scheduled days for rides and maintenance (we can still shoot near the historical trains on display). If you would like this location, I recommend choosing the Eastmanville Farm or Bayou as your main location and we can visit this as your secondary location. 

Nearby locations: Eastmanville Farm and Eastmanville Bayou.



The beach! Sandy shorelines and beach grass. I have access to two private beach cottages.

Nearby locations: Downtown Grand Haven, Hemlock Crossings.


Motman's Orchard


A gorgeous apple orchard located right off Lake Michigan drive. Amazing in the fall and has an adorable little farmer's market, pumpkin patch, and in the spring looks very pretty when the trees are in bloom. Great for apple-picking, eating caramel apples, or picnics! 


Grand Valley Arboretum

Grand Valley's beautiful campus grounds with tree-covered benches, trellises, bridges, pathways, also near to the clocktower and fountain.

Nearby locations: Motman's Orchard


Downtown Grand Rapids


Let's head downtown! We can go to the Blue Bridge, Calder Plaza, the Art Museum, Graffiti walls, art murals, grab some coffee or ice cream, you name it.  

Note: Will usually require paid parking. 

Nearby locations: Grand Ideas Garden. 


Grand Ideas Garden

MSU's garden near downtown Grand Rapids. Small but absolutely gorgeous with tons of flowers, stone pathways, and waterfalls! 

Nearby locations: Downtown Grand Rapids.


Downtown Grand Haven

We can hit the beach, walk the pier, fly some kites, get ice cream, or go downtown!

NOTE: Downtown Grand Haven and the surrounding area can be -very- busy at almost all times of the year. I only recommend choosing this location if you're able to do an early morning session to beat the crowds.

Nearby locations: Hemlock Crossings. 


Hemlock Crossings & Weaver House


A beautiful park in Holland. Fields, forest trails, and rustic wood bridges. Beautiful in the fall! Also home to the nearby Weaver House Wedding venue, a gorgeous old white farmhouse with a white arch, white picket fencing, and stone pathways. 

Nearby locations: Beach, Downtown Grand Haven. 


Riley Trails


A gorgeous park located in Holland. Beautiful trails, a lake, pine forests, and beautiful shady light.

Nearby locations: Tunnel Park, Downtown Holland.


Tunnel Park Beach


A super cool tunnel that leads to fun beachy dunes and easy water access.

Nearby locations: Riley Trails, Downtown Holland.


Downtown Holland


Downtown Holland is perfect for grabbing coffee, cupcakes, and there's even a few gorgeous art murals!

Nearby locations: Riley Trails, Tunnel Park.


Grand Ravines North


Grand Ravines North. Home to a beautiful covered bridge and huge fields. Fantastic for rustic or fall photos.

Nearby locations: ---


Dahlia Acres

A beautiful Dahlia field in Allendale. Blooms in September - October.

Nearby locations: ---


Rockford Sunflower Field


Sunflower field north of Grand Rapids. 

Nearby locations: ---


Fitzgerald Park


Located in Grand Ledge but WORTH the drive! Amazing rock structures, rivers, fields. 

Nearby locations: Lincoln Brick Park.


Lincoln Brick Park


Located in Grand Ledge. Rustic brick walls, fields, and an amazing water overlook.

Nearby locations: Fitzgerald Park.